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Customer Services
At the core of our business is our unrivaled attention to customer service.
When using Don Signs for your sign production needs, you are guaranteed the highest quality product, as well as the personal attention you and your project deserve.
Before we can even start the process of finding the right sign for your business we need to see what your local municipality allows.
Our installers are experienced, licensed and insured professionals.
From large-scale electrical installations to indoor advertising, they have seen and done it all.
Give us a call if your sign isn’t doing its job of attracting customers to your location.
We will schedule a site analysis and provide a free estimate of what it would take to get it back on track: be it a repair, refurbishment or a complete replacement.
Any sign requires a little maintenance from time to time, and your sign will be no different.
Make certain your sign investment lives long and performs to its full potential by using our maintenance services.
We can establish a regular maintenance schedule or respond in short notice to any wear and damage you may incur.
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